Spirit of Cruising

Who we are

Düsenspeed is a passionate and innovative start-up in the field of electromobility, design and manufacture of new and ambitious high-tech applications prototypes.

E-bikes have been the first products manufactured in series, developed and marketed since October 2016 by Düsenspeed. Model 1 (Boardtracker) and Model 2 (Café Racer) were the first to be made available followed in autumn 2017 by Model 3 (Freeride / Downhill).

In summer 2017 we shall be able to offer a new electric locomotion possibility on the water.

We have high qualifications and competence in machine- and shipbuilding, in processing wood and fibre composites and in business management.

What we do

The Spirit of Cruising is being redefined. Our hallmark can be summarised as follows: a high-tech frame, outstanding design and the excitement of driving.

We are pioneers in manufacturing monocoque bicycle frames and we follow our own path and ideas about their development.

We design, develop and realise our products under our full responsibility in our manufacturing site located in the area of Bern (Switzerland). Our products are of reduced complexity, homogenously built and consist of few components compared to mass products available on the market.

The monocoque frame makes it possible to produce high-end, light, and highly form-stable products requiring very little maintenance and offering a lot of driving pleasure.

The construction processes developed and refined by ourselves open up new innovative perspectives with regard to design, statics and applications.


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Hansueli Mosimann

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