Each Düsenspeed e-bike is hand made. It is a unique object bearing a serial number.


Each e-bike is built in close collaboration with the customer and is therefore a real custom-made Swiss product.

Düsenspeed exclusively uses high quality components.


Limited series: Model 1 will be manufactured as a limited edition of only 222 pieces, Model 2 of 164 pieces.


The frames are painted white or red. Other colours are available according to customer specifications.

Model 2 can for instance be delivered to comply with the most extravagant customer wishes such as:


·    maximum accumulator capacity: 4.5 kWh at 88.8 V (4 * 22.2 Volt)

     Maximale Akkukapazität 4.5 kWh bei 88.8 Volt (4 * 22.2 Volt)

·    90 mm wide 26” rims in carbon fibre

·    Maximum speed of 120 km/h with a special high-power motor.