Model 2, Café Racer

The Model 2 has its root in the English sub-culture of the nineteen sixties, when production of motorcycles was converted in a puritan manner into production of racing machines (see the illustration below). The current minimalism in those days helped define the design of Model 2. Its hybrid-fibre frame, weighing approximately 5,5 kg, has been designed for speeds up to 160 km/h. The road holding of this e-bike is simply overwhelming.


Accumulator capacity:  500 to 4’500 Wh

Motor power:                 250 to 2’000 W

Motor torque:                up to 80 Nm

Autonomy:                     40 to 250 km (purely electrical, without pedalling)

Total weight:                  25 to 48 kg

Price:                              On demand