Our values: safety, pleasure in driving and exclusivity


Driving safety along with a huge pleasure in driving in any situation were our principles for the design of the Düsenspeed e-bikes. The Düsenspeed e-bikes offer a low seating position that arises from safety considerations. We do not manufacture standard and traditional e-bikes. Our products have been specially developed for electrical traction.

The high and unstable seating position on traditional e-bikes increases the wind resistance due to the considerable wind load. The low centre of gravity of the e-bike and its driver combined with the rigid monocoque frame of the bike increase safety and provide an excellent road handling as well as optimum braking. At standstill on the bike, the cyclist can easily reach the floor with both feet at the same time, which is in many driving situations an important safety aspect. Saving energy and significantly increasing autonomy, in comparison with competitors’ products on the market, are welcome advantages of a low centre of gravity and wind resistance.

The rear wheel hub motor as well as the central position of the accumulators within the bike frame lead to an even lover centre of gravity and to an excellent breaking behaviour of the e-bike. The low total weight as well as the robust design of the e-bike guaranty by far shorter breaking distances than those required by the law. Even at speeds of 70 km/h and higher (which are not allowed on public roads) the e-bike does not exceed the limits by far. The relatively long wheelbase of the e-bike further increases its already high level of drivability. Further advantages of rear wheel hub motors are for instance low wear of the pinion and easy maintenance of the bike.